Sara Cleto and I co-own and operate The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic, a (mostly) online school. We give lectures and teach courses on fairy tales, folklore, witches, writing, and more. Basically, your ultimate fantasy college courses, for a fraction of the price. We’re serious academics, but we also think learning should be joyful, fun, and relevant. We’ll help you see classic tales with fresh eyes, introduce you to stories you’ve never heard before, and welcome you into a community of magic-makers who love this stuff as much as you do. Instead of tests, we’ll give you quests that bring fairy tales and folklore into your own life. Give us an hour, and we’ll show you how an old tale can shine light into your home, your relationships, and your own sense of self.

So that’s what Carterhaugh is, but it doesn’t quite capture what it feels like. You know those magic schools you’ve always read about? Carterhaugh is the online version. One of our recent students told us that “finding Carterhaugh School is like stumbling into Rivendell.” We think she’s right.

Carterhaugh is for voracious learners and dreamers with big hearts and creative souls. It’s for people who always have their noses stuck in books or are always half-way through knitting another fantasy shawl. Did you day-dream about elven battles when you were supposed to be studying economics? Do you love a good ghost story…or maybe you’ve even seen a few yourself? Do you still feel a little betrayed that your acceptance letter to magic school never arrived? Then Carterhaugh is for you.

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