Surprise! A Total Redesign!

I have completely redesigned my website! Surprise!

Okay, it actually isn’t all that much of a surprise ;). For a long time I’ve felt that didn’t really speak to me or my ‘brand’ in the same way that older websites I’ve had did… before getting a ‘professional’ website, I placed a lot of emphasis on design and then, when I decided to let go of those projects and focus on, I let a bit of that go in favor of practicality and what I thought was right for a professional academic/writer/etc’s website. Having recently found several inspiring professional websites that did NOT let design go, however, I soon began to question that idea and wonder what I could do to make feel more like me.  I admit I wasn’t quite sure where to begin though.

The other night, completely out of the blue, I felt an urge to tinker with some photo editing software, to mess with code, to examine every single detail of a design until it was just perfect – this may or may not have to do with the abundance of actual work I’m facing at the moment, I’ve always been one of those “productive procrastinators!” Anyway, this is the result – a far more design-focused and enchanted website that feels much more like the person I am AND the person I want to project professionally. You might recognize the main part of the main image, as it was the background for the site before, but otherwise things are pretty new around here and I encourage you to explore! I’ve added a bunch and have plans for more :). Do check to see that everything is working properly too!

I do have a lot of news and links to post as well – I went WAY too long without posting, I know I didn’t at all this whole school year and I apologize! So, with that in mind, look for another post in just a bit!

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