2014 Creative Publishing Round Up

Time for a brief summary of the creative things I published last year! Each section is from latest to earliest.


* “The Crane Wife” @ Through the Gate
* “Year Forty-Nine” @ Mirror Dance
* “L’Unicorne Qui S’Endort” @ inkscrawl
* “Song from the Islands of Sirenum Scopuli” @ Liquid Imagination
* “Rep/ercussions (Carmina)” @ Stone Telling

Flash Fiction:

* “Q is for Queen” in A is for Apocalypse, edited by Rhonda Parrish
* “The Second Mrs. Chapman” in The Rogues Gallery, edited by Alex Scully

My poem “WereMoonMother” was also reprinted in the Mythic Delirium Anthology :).

All in all a very good year, especially considering everything else that was going on (candidacy exams, kittens, mono, etc!) I do hope to be able to do a bit more creative writing this year though, despite the looming dissertation and all that will entail. Writing creatively often really helps me with writing academically though, so fingers crossed!

Other fun things to share:

* Spencer Byles incredibly fae organic forest sculptures are just breathtakingly awesome.

* I’m delighted to point out that almost a third of the top 20 Journal of American Folklore articles most viewed, printed, or downloaded from JSTOR during 2014 were fairy-tale studies related :).

* The incredible “Palace of Mystery” Quinta da Regaleira in Portugal (photographed by Taylor Moore.)

* Ukranian photographer Anita Anti’s beautiful fairy-tale photography.

Have a lovely day all!

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