Outfit Post: First Day as a PhD Student

First Day as a PhD Student

Ahhh, I am far too awake for how early it is… I recently attended the After Grimm: Fairy Tales and the Art of Storytelling Conference in the UK (more on this soon!) and am now having trouble getting back on Ohio time – I’ve been awake since 5AM or so? Not cool, Britt, there’s far too much to be done for these shenanigans! The early hour fog over my brain makes me disinclined to do anything too productive though so I thought I would make a quick outfit post to document what I wore to my OSU orientation day… I quite liked this one!

Any tips for resetting sleep schedules would be much appreciated – I have always been bad at this and I’m not sure why?

P.S. The poem that Sara Cleto and I wrote is up at Niteblade! Buy the issue to read the whole thing and support a great magazine :).

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