Officially a PhD Student!

I am now officially a PhD student! Classes started last Wednesday and I am really enjoying everything. I’ve only had one class so far but am looking forward to having the other two this coming Tuesday and my job at the OSU Center for Folklore Studies seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. There are several fairy tale related events in the works and all the people seem great!

Columbus is a very cool city – I feel like they are very good at keeping this fact a secret from the rest of the country! I had never given much thought to Columbus before I was applying to PhD programs and when I came to visit I was really surprised at how great it is. They have amazing food, great free or nearly free artistic events, excellent shopping, and beautiful neighborhoods and parks. Plus so many people are so friendly and kind! I keep getting told that this is just the way the whole Midwest is but it’s still quite awesome :).

A couple other items of note –

* My flash fiction piece, “The Song of the Tower” has been published in the September issue of Scareship and my name’s even on the cover for the first time! You can download a PDF of the issue for free on the website. I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet but it looks great, please give this new magazine a look!

* I’ve been added as a contributor to Futuredaze on Goodreads which means I now officially have a Goodreads author page?! That’s ridiculously awesome :).

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