Fairy Tales at War Paper and AFS, Acceptances, and Site Updates

Let’s see, I have a bit of news to share! First, I’ve been quite busy these past few weeks as I presented my paper, “Fairy Tales at War: Retelling Fairy Tales as War Narratives in Young Adult Literature” at the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society for the first time! It went well I think, these things are always so nerve wracking but AFS is such a great group and their conferences are so much fun. I got to hear papers on everything from cross-dressing French fairy tale heroines to Civil War wedding dresses and it was awesome just to be able to hang out with so many great colleagues.

My other bit of big news is that I’ve have two new pieces accepted! My piece “Inside the Wolf” will appear in the Winter 2011 issue of Mirror Dance and my poem “Diana Remembers Actaeon” will be published in the Spring Equinox 2012 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! I love both of these publications and am so excited to be a part of them.

I’ve done a couple of little updates around the site… nothing too major but the Projects and CV pages are on their way (really!) I also added a few new things – a Livejournal crossposting tool (that hopefully those on my friends list at LJ are seeing right now!) and a twitter widget (which you can see on the sideboard.) All this stuff so fancy, I still can’t get over how well everything works! Very impressive, WordPress, I must say. Does anyone have any suggestions for any other cool WordPress things to play with I wonder…? Ah, not that I should be doing this right now, I have a paper that’s crying to be written and it really just needs to get done. More soon!

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