Outfit Post: The First Real Day of Summer

First Real Day of Summer

Today was my first real day of summer vacation and it feels lovely :). Yes, there’s still lots of work to be done but I took today off. Sometimes you just have to. I got the rhinestone crescent moon pin I wore today when I was visiting Columbus looking for housing earlier this week and my gosh that was a tiring and stressful experience. Fingers crossed that I hear some good news on that front very soon! Let’s see, what else – the tiger/woman in dress shirt reminds me of Angela Carter’s “The Tiger’s Bride,” one of my all time favorite fairy tale retellings, the soap is representative of this amazing honey, cinnamon, and vanilla soup that I found in Columbus, and the Free People cardigan on Polyvore isn’t exactly the one I have but it’s pretty close!

While I was there I also got this absolutely breathtaking mirror for my new place –

I am so in love with it… it’s so fairy tale-y! I hope I can get a better picture of it once it’s up. It was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Domythic Bliss, a while ago and though I missed the post but I’m not at all surprised because it’s gorgeous and mythic and it was, after all, the awesome owner of that blog, Grace, who pointed me to the antique mall I visited in the first place! I am so happy I was the one to be able to give it a good home :).

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